The Studio School

Our Approach

The Studio School Approach blends an understanding of child development with a working knowledge of how children learn, a student-teacher relationship that is emotionally connective, and a curriculum that is specifically designed to enhance a child’s innate intelligence and creativity. The School’s multi-layered program addresses scholarship, original thinking, and a deep and lasting academic excellence, which integrates social-emotional intelligence and personal responsibility.

From its inception, The Studio School has believed that children of all ages learn from each other, and that the mixing of ages in a two-year range enriches and deepens children’s studies. Thus, students in preschool through eighth grade work in small, cross-aged classes (for instance, 8s and 9s, rather than third and fourth grades) of no more than sixteen children per class. There is a teacher and assistant teacher in each classroom through second grade. Studio has deliberately remained small, and is just the right size to ensure a thoughtful and personal education for each child.

Teachers create a challenging environment that respects the delicate balance between instruction and exploration. They guide students to think originally, trust their intuitive responses to the information and materials they are offered, and work to the best of their ability in articulating and sharing their discoveries with others.

Studio addresses the importance of character, as well as intellect, in the formation of an educated person. Each child’s unique personality and style is part of the learning process. By recognizing each student’s distinct educational path, Studio fosters the growth of the authentic self, leading to individual integrity. Students learn to work within a group for the sake of each member, as well as for themselves, learning to know and understand themselves, and helping others do the same. As they become confident expressing themselves in the group, they also learn to appreciate their own and their fellow students’ contributions to the whole. Students are asked to make a working relationship with everyone at the school, whether they are friends with them or not, leading to a deeper understanding of what true cooperation with others can ultimately achieve.

The Studio School offers a vigorous academic curriculum and values both social-emotional intelligence and collaborative learning. The Studio School Approach empowers children to integrate “what they learn” with “who they are.”