The Studio School

The Board of Trustees, a voluntary group of parents, alumni, and professional friends of the school, upholds the school’s mission, establishes the policies of the school, and sustains the school’s future through sound financial management and strategic planning.

The Board of Trustees

Susan Fry Mamis, President
Cynthia Noe, Secretary
James Cavoli, Esq.
Terence Dougherty, Esq.
Lambert Lewis, M.D.
Ian Patrick,
Susan Portelli
Janet C. Rotter
Bradley Schleyer

President Emeritus
Elisabeth Frischauf, M.D.

Honorary Trustees
Carole Kunstadt
Maria Monet Markowitz, Esq.
Carol Sedwick
Jo Anne Sedwick


Dolores Welber, Ph.D.
Robert Welber