The Studio School


The Studio School uses Ravenna, an online admissions portal, for the Admissions process. Please follow the steps below.
Apply to The Studio School

1. Visit to create your account.

2. Register for both a virtual tour and our interactive virtual Open House.


3. Submit your application and fee.


4. Complete the additional steps for your child’s age or grade.

5. Ravenna tracks the progress of your application and will notify you when it’s complete.

We are always delighted to speak with you to answer any questions that you may have:

Registration on Ravenna is open for 2022-2023. Apply now!
Select spaces for 2021-2022 are available. To inquire, email


“Studio School goes beyond the superficial. The value put on each individual, placed on learning, and the seriousness with which teaching is approached is beyond anything I have ever come across anywhere. It is terribly significant work, and I feel that all children deserve to engage in this important type of education.”