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Summer Programs

Summer @ Studio is our action-packed summer program, running from the end of school in June through mid-July. Join us for an unforgettable summer of nature, visual and performing arts, technology, and creative explorations!

Global Artisans:

Come and explore a variety of materials to make different handicrafts and toys from around the world. Become an artisan at work, as you engage in constructing your own original designs.

Elaborate Gadgets:

Inspired by Rube Goldberg Machines, let’s overly complicate a physics challenge by learning how one thing leads to another. You will engineer a series of steps as you invent a complex and innovative systematic structure.

Ciphers and Codes:

A letter will arrive on your doorstep, but the text will seem strange. Are you able to solve the hidden message? Journey through the world of hidden codes as we decipher and devise secrets.

In and Out of the Box:

Paper and pencil are all you need to unravel these baffling logic problems and mind-bending teasers. Come spend the week boosting your brainpower through solving sudoku, kenken, shikaku, and crossword puzzles.

Exploring The Black Experience Through the Arts:

Inspired by Jacob Lawrence’s “The Great Migration,” join in an exploration of African American history. Each week, you will be guided to investigate the arts and culture of African Americans from 1916 to the 1970s.

Artist in Residence:

Through this immersive art workshop, you will meet new artists, experience different visual spaces, and explore across various mediums. Each day an artist, some familiar and new faces, will join us to teach new techniques and skills on how to reevaluate and transform the everyday materials and objects that surround us. Explore techniques in paper sculpture, photography, graffiti, collage, fibers, textiles, and more.

Our World and Other Worlds:

Join this literary adventure, where each day, you will travel to new worlds through the written word. You will explore how to create realistic and imaginative settings in sharp, sensory detail, while also working on developing original characters and dialogue. Where shall you go first?!

Strategy and Syllogism:

Strategize and outwit yourself and others as you explore strategic and mathematical games from around the world. Complete daily challenges while also investigating the art of game making.

SUN FUN: Explore and Play, ages 2-5

Come play, splash, and giggle outdoors in the sun with your friends. Days are filled with art, music, building, gardening, and cooking!

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Reuse, Rebuild, and Reimagine, ages 5-10

Engage in an immersive engineering experience as we deconstruct, design, and discover the world of robotics and circuitry! Venture around the city to visit museums, explore local farmers’ markets, take trips on ferry rides, and sail boats at Central Park. Twice a week, cool down and swim at a nearby pool.

SET THE SCENE: Video Adventures, ages 8-13

Discover the world of animation by creating your own digital graphic novel! You’ll transform characters into graphics through cartooning and stop-motion animation. Trips to city landmarks, museums, and film screenings will fuel new inspiration. Twice a week, you'll cool down and swim at a nearby pool. All creations will be showcased in our Summer@Studio Arts Festival!

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