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Summer Programs

Summer at Studio, our innovative and action-packed summer program, runs from the end of school in June through mid-July. Students from other schools are invited to register and join our community. Children may participate in one, two, three, or four week-long sessions. They can choose from four exciting and inventive programs under the guidance of our experienced and caring staff.

Our students at The Ashokan Center

Morning Fun, Explore and Play, ages 2-3

Children spend summer mornings giggling through a range of creative and physical activities, from painting, collage-making, and clay-sculpting, to singing, dancing, instrument-playing, and cooking. They build with blocks, jump around in our outdoor yard, and splash in sprinklers.

Discovery Days, Create and Investigate, ages 3-6

Children delight in fun-filled activities. Each day provides a new opportunity to create, imagine, experiment, and invent through cooking, woodworking, sculpting, puppetry, and dancing.

Those who stay for the afternoon play outdoor games and have swimming lessons four days a week in a nearby saltwater pool.

Summer and Design, Envision and Innovate, ages 6-13

Children put on costumes, lab coats, and jerseys as they engage in culinary, performing, and visual arts, as well as science, engineering, and technology. Throughout the week they partake in exciting activities and work on captivating projects that inspire curiosity and creativity.

Four days a week they have swimming lessons at a nearby saltwater pool, and participate in weekly trips all over the city.

Summer Sleepaway at The Ashokan Center, ages 8-13

Surrounded by Ashokan’s 385 acres of forests, ponds, and creeks, children engage in activities, such as canoeing, hiking, and blacksmithing, while learning about ecology and natural history. Studio School staff accompany the children throughout the week.

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