The Studio School
The Gingko Gallery was established in 2009 with the mission to recognize the artist in everyone and to enjoy a space in which to share our artistic expressions with one another.

Exhibits are curated with works of artists from our community and we welcome introductions to artists throughout the year. Participating artists generously donate a percentage of the proceeds from sales to the school. Exhibitions to date include: Work(s) Period 2009; Work(s) At Home 2011; Mosaic Work(s) 2013; and Kuniko Matsui 2019.

Our 2020 Gingko Gallery In/Between: A Postcard Exhibition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. You can view all the submissions in the video above. All proceeds were donated to No Kid Hungry.

The exhibitions of the gallery inspired the opening of the Gingko Leaf Gallery, which showcases the works of our students. In recent years, exhibits have featured multimedia pieces, photography, sculpture, drawings, and paintings.