The Studio School
The Gingko Gallery was established in 2009 with the mission to recognize the artist in everyone and to enjoy a space in which to share our artistic expressions with one another.

Exhibits are curated with works of artists from our community and we welcome introductions to artists throughout the year. Participating artists generously donate a percentage of the proceeds from sales to the school. Exhibitions to date include: Work(s) Period 2009; Work(s) At Home 2011; and Mosaic Work(s) 2013.

Artist statement:


My work explores what can happen when materials are used without prejudice. Discarded objects have beauty and laughter hidden just under the surface, the surface of our categorizations and preconceived ideas about their essence and purpose. Their beauty is hidden in plain sight. I need to be in silence, the silence of the heart to see and listen to their song. It is an adventure in the unknown. There is no plan, no GPS, and no agenda, just a leap into what can be an eye opening journey.
The exhibitions of the gallery inspired the opening of the Gingko Leaf Gallery, which showcases the works of our students. In recent years, exhibits have featured multimedia pieces, photography, sculpture, drawings, and paintings.