The Studio School

Physical Education

The concept of a “sound mind in a sound body” is the key to the physical education program at Studio. Whether playing team sports, climbing the rock wall, or having fitness, exercise, and dance classes, students at Studio build strength, endurance, and flexibility, acquiring a lifelong joy of well-being as their bodies develop and grow stronger.

The Early Childhood children delight in our sunny outdoor play yard and indoor gymnasium, where they run, bend, stretch, climb, and crawl, using equipment such as hollow blocks, balls, ramps, and the rock wall, all the while developing their gross motor skills and sense of body in space. In addition to using our gymnasium, children ages five through fourteen take full advantage of the playgrounds, ball fields, and Recreation Center in nearby Central Park. The Elementary School students begin to learn sportsmanship and the fundamentals of organized team sports, including catching, throwing, dribbling, passing, kicking, and hitting with a bat to develop their hand-eye coordination and ball skills. They increase their flexibility and balance through calisthenic routines, relay races, and obstacle courses. Middle School students continue to build dexterity, stamina, agility, and core strength through aerobic exercise, yoga, and individual and team sports, including track and field, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and touch football.