The Studio School

Ages Ten through Thirteen (5th grade through 8th grade)

Our students make the transition into the Middle School keenly aware of the process of learning, and are well equipped to meet the challenges of a more vigorous curriculum. High levels of analytic and abstract thinking are reached as they are given an in-depth series of studies that include Integrated Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Life Sciences, Foreign Languages, Physical and Health Education, and the Arts. Studio middle schoolers also take classes and seminars, such as Philology and Rhetoric, Studio Players, Library Research, and Tutorial, which are meant to broaden and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines.

Students in middle school benefit greatly from discussion groups where they can articulate their thoughts and enjoy a healthy exchange of ideas. Small classes and seminars are carefully designed to meet their distinct talents and interests. Through our interdisciplinary curricula, students learn to take responsibility for themselves and their work, pursue independent research, work as a group, and contribute to their community. Upon graduation, the students are well prepared to move into their high school years with sincere purpose and a desire to fulfill their potential.


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