The Studio School


Ages Ten through Thirteen (5th grade through 8th grade)

Studio students make the transition into Middle School well-equipped to meet the challenges of a more vigorous curriculum, as they work toward having ownership of their education. Through seminar-style classes, students embrace the challenge of higher-level analytic and abstract thinking.  The curriculum encompasses English, integrated mathematics, history, political science, technology, sciences, world languages, physical and health education, and the visual and performing arts.

Through our interdisciplinary curricula, the children learn to take responsibility for themselves and their work, become self-evaluative, pursue research, and can effectively work individually and in a group. Middle schoolers benefit greatly from discussions where they can articulate their thoughts and feelings, having a healthy exchange of ideas.

As students move into adolescence, they begin to develop a deep understanding and empathy for others. Through this maturation, students gain a powerful awareness of their impact on others, genuinely contributing to the school community and the world at large. They are keenly aware of current issues of social justice and sustainability and are active in finding ways to have their voices heard for the good of all humanity. Upon graduation, they are well prepared to move into their high school years with the aptitude to integrate who they are with what they have learned, achieve academic excellence, and produce creative and original work.


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High School Placement

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