The Studio School

Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

Janet C. Rotter
Janet C. Rotter

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to The Studio School. As Head of School for the past thirty years, it has been an inspiring challenge for me to create an educational environment that is fluid in its approach to working with people and the times in which we live, yet constant in its principles about how children learn. The work of raising thoughtful and compassionate children in today’s world is complex and meaningful. The ability to learn and understand from experience empowers a child to make intelligent choices. When we involve children in the process of learning, they synthesize both their knowledge and experiences.

All members of the Studio community – teachers, parents, and children work together to support the learning process in each child, which is founded on respect for self and others, individual creativity, persistence, and most important, a sense of joy. We speak a great deal about “process” at Studio and how this approach enables students to excel academically and interpersonally. The process is transforming in that our students exhibit a maturity, poise, and responsibility for their work that invariably surpasses established academic standards. Studio graduates take with them the core of what they need to succeed in this rapidly changing twenty-first century.

Over the years, we have developed the concept and method of working with “the group” in a way that becomes a powerful learning tool. As a result, our students are confident enough in their thoughts and feelings to listen attentively to the ideas and opinions of others. As you get to know us, you will soon notice the quality of care and attention with which Studio teachers engage children in the curriculum; our students want to know more, achieve academically, master skills, and reach beyond the standard courses of study. You will see that Studio School students own what they learn, integrate it, and apply it in interesting and novel ways. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience, and helping one another learn.

Sometimes we can become overwhelmed by the amount of information we are called upon to process in the course of a day, yet being educated in today’s world means so much more than merely acquiring knowledge; it entails being well-rounded as well. For it is the sum of our experiences, such as the people we interact with on a daily basis, what we read and listen to, how we feel about life, and how we choose to live it, that really determines our ability to understand what we are learning. We invite you and your family to learn more about our school: its philosophy, theory, approach, history, and educational programs.


Janet C. Rotter,
Head of School