The Studio School


Graduation is the culmination of each student’s journey through The Studio School, and a celebration of the group of students that emerges. What is so wonderful to witness is the creativity, the inquiry, and the transformation of how each and every child, no matter how many years they have been at Studio, discovers all that is inside of them.

For us at The Studio School, to discover one’s self, one’s talents, interests, passions, beliefs, and human values, is to begin the journey, leading to self-fulfillment in the pursuit of personal dreams and goals.

The entire school community comes together for graduation. We honor this momentous occasion with the impressive formal presentation of speeches by every graduate, discussing their journey, both educationally and into adolescence, choral performances, and the traditional conferring of diplomas. Following the ceremony, celebratory cakes baked and decorated for each graduate are presented and enjoyed.

We know that at the end of their Studio experience, our graduates are prepared for the next step in their academic life with a strong sense of who they are, a mastery of how to learn, and a keen awareness of what it means to be a constructive and collaborative member of a group. They are ready to go out into the world with purpose, drive, and readily contribute.


“Studio offered the perfect balance of academic rigor, intellectual stimulation, and individual attention. Our son was held in the loving arms of a community that allowed him to appreciate himself once again. When it came time for Alex to leave, he was recommended and joyfully accepted to his high school of choice.”


“Studio provided me with an incredible work ethic and pride in my work. This was invaluable for me when starting a high school that had a very heavy workload. Studio allowed me to push through my work and do it to the best of my ability. I did it for myself, not for the grade.”