The Studio School


Graduation is a time when our entire community comes together to celebrate a momentous occasion. The ceremony represents the culmination of each graduate’s journey of learning while at Studio.

It is an opportunity for graduating students, their parents, and the school community to recognize and support their accomplishments. This special event includes an impressive formal presentation of speeches by the graduates, a musical celebration performed by the Studio Chorus, and the traditional conferring of diplomas, followed by refreshments and dancing. Graduation is an inspiring evening to be experienced and remembered.

Secondary School and Beyond

Once our students enter the Middle School, we begin to think about what lies ahead for each of them. Head of School, Janet C. Rotter, the teachers, and staff, work very closely with each student and their family to help them define what they are looking for in a high school program, decide which schools to apply to, and to guide them through the application and selection process. Ms. Rotter, who has vast experience and knowledge of the various public and private high schools throughout the city, meets individually with each student and their family to consider the options.

Our graduates have an intellectual passion and exceptional understanding of interpersonal dynamics, and are sought after by excellent private and public high schools and colleges. Accomplished award-winners and leaders, they are purposeful and self-motivated, and far exceed the standards set for them.

Graduation 2019