The Studio School


Ages Six through Nine (1st grade through 4th grade)

The elementary years at Studio flow naturally from our Early Childhood program, as children are now ready for more formal learning and exhibit an increased thirst for knowledge and competence.
Elementary Program

As elementary age children develop and expand their knowledge, their interpretations of their surroundings deepen over time. Throughout the day, children have many opportunities to develop the skills and concepts necessary to work with open-ended questions that do not have easy solutions. Our teachers provide each child with specific tools, materials, and experiences in all subject areas so they may confidently approach their learning and apply creative thinking skills, along with solid work habits, in productive and meaningful ways.

During each day, students can be seen flourishing in their classes in reading, writing, mathematics, scientific inquiry, technology, social studies, geography, history, world languages, the arts, and physical education. In a Uniquely Studio class called Thinking and Writing, students work in pairs with a teacher to discover their individual voice and learn to think through their ideas and express them in writing. Over the years, students develop the craft of writing with great enthusiasm.

As the children mature, knowing what it means to be in a group and learning together take on greater significance. Students become fully engaged in the back-and-forth exchange they are asked to have with their teachers and classmates, as they think and talk about both what they are learning and how they learn. From their many and diverse experiences, our students confidently approach the wider world, using their powers of observation and critical thinking to make meaningful connections and arrive at well-thought-out conclusions.

Students emerge as confident and motivated learners who seek to challenge their inquisitive minds in all academic subjects. They develop excellent work habits, including patience and perseverance, flexibility, and responsibility for their own work, as well as the discipline to master formal academic concepts and skills.