The Studio School


Ages Six through Nine (1st grade through 4th grade)

The elementary years at Studio flow naturally from our Early Childhood program, as children are now ready for more formal learning.

The bond that develops between each student and his/her teacher is the foundation for stimulating a child’s thirst for knowledge and competence. Students investigate and analyze the concepts involved in reading, writing, mathematics, scientific inquiry, the social sciences, geography, history, foreign languages, the arts, and physical education. They acquire all the skills to become facile learners and experience, in tandem, the very nature of learning itself. They are asked to think and talk about what and how they learn, and to become fully engaged in the back-and-forth interchanges between themselves, and their teachers and classmates. Knowing what it means to be in a group and learning together take on greater significance as they mature. From these diverse experiences, our students confidently approach the wider world, using their powers of observation and critical thinking to make meaningful connections, and arrive at well-thought-out conclusions.