The Studio School

Parent Involvement

Studio parents bring a warm and generous spirit to our community. Strong participation from every individual is one of our school’s great strengths, and parents contribute by being actively involved in events, development, and admissions.
Parent Connection

Parent Communications

Fundamental to The Studio School’s Approach is the knowledge that children grow and learn best when parents are in partnership with the school. Talking with one another about education and learning, children and their development, and the maturation of the family is key to establishing relationships between students and teachers, between parents and teachers, and among parents. This vital component of our educational approach is realized through a series of meetings and written communications throughout the school year.

Parent Connection

Parent Connection members are experienced Studio parents who have made the commitment to deepen their understanding of The School’s Approach and to share that knowledge with the parent body at large. Our Parent Connection group welcomes new families into the school community and mentors new and returning families alike.  

Parent Development

Ms. Rotter, our Head of School, leads Parent Development meetings, which are open to all Studio families. These meetings offer parents a unique opportunity to develop their instincts and skills in understanding and being attuned to their children and families. Participants discuss their concerns, questions, thoughts, and feelings about stages of child and adolescent development and human relationships. The goal is to become more aware as parents of the dynamics that arise in living and working with growing children.

Strollercoaster podcast by Munchkin
Janet C. Rotter was featured as the child development expert in the episode "My Kid In The Future!" from the podcast Strollercoaster created by Munchkin.

Listen to Ms. Rotter featured as the child development expert on Munchkin’s podcast Strollercoaster.


“As parents we have also benefited. Twice a month Studio offers parents the opportunity to attend parent development meetings, facilitated by the Head of School. Each meeting has left us better equipped as parents and relieved to know we are not alone in facing the many parenting challenges of today’s world.”


“By attending parent development meetings with the Head of School, I was also helped to be a part of this process and was supported in navigating the challenges of raising an adolescent. As I now look at the young man my son has become, I have The Studio School to thank for this journey.”