The Studio School

Studio Players Productions

Our Studio Players productions are collaborative theatre arts projects shared with our entire community. In Studio Players, students explore and develop their skills in the wide scope of the dramatic arts. They perform original and adapted works.

Middle School Original Production

The writing of an original play is an opportunity for the Middle School students to explore issues of maturing in adolescence, and their experiences in the world. From writing, acting and singing, to designing and producing, the students integrate the sophisticated ideas into a story for all ages.

Current Production

Look 20/20 in the Eye (2021)

Our 15th Annual Studio Players production was a transformative experience for our middle school students, as they reflected on what they have endured over the past fifteen months, how they’ve each grown, and who and what they truly cherish in life.

Over many weeks, the playwrights Zoomed together from different cohorts, developing three original storylines, conveying life throughout the pandemic, and the timely topics of injustice, political, and social upheaval. It emerged that while the experiences may have been unique to each group, the emotions felt throughout this year have been universal. Physically separated but working together, the students in each cohort designed their sets, props and costumes, story-boarded and filmed each scene, bringing the script to life. The students hope that their final piece, capturing their feelings and fears, allow you, their audience, to connect to yourself and each other.

Puppet Shows

Past Productions

Students are introduced to the art of puppetry as a form of story telling and  learn about shadow puppets, hand puppets, rod puppets, and marionettes. They work in small groups to adapt or write a story into a script, design their backdrop and puppets, and choreograph staging to bring the tale to life.

Take a look at last year's puppet show, Winter Tales:


Three puppet shows adapted from winter stories, including The Winter Picnic, a beloved picture book written by our co-founder, Robert Welber, and illustrated by Deborah Ray.

Tales of the Moon

Tales of the Moon

Tales of the Moon, 2017
Three puppet shows adapted from favorite children’s stories, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch, and Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

The Central Park Capers

The Central Park Capers

The Central Park Capers, 2014
An original story, written and inspired by the creation of paper-mache puppets made by the Eights and Nines. Friendship in Central Park emerged after completion after the puppets, and thus a play was born!