The Studio School

The Studio School Approach

The Studio School Approach™ is the foundation for the intellectual and social-emotional complexities of how our curriculum is taught, inspiring students to have a deep respect for the quality and scholarship of their work, as well as empathy for one another. Our Approach empowers children to integrate what they learn with who they are.

The respectful and trusting relationships the students have with their teachers are at the core of the learning experience. Studio teachers have a solid understanding of child development, how children learn, and how the brain works. They address developmental timetables—the foundations for maturational growth that promote in-depth thinking and social-emotional education.

Our teachers work with both the individual and the group, separately and together, understanding that the group is a powerful tool for learning. They are simultaneously mindful of the individual in the group, and the group as its own entity. By emphasizing the dynamic connection between these two distinct human experiences, a synergistic interaction takes place that benefits everyone involved.

The Student and the Teacher

At The Studio School, our teachers carefully combine the art and science of teaching to deliver a curriculum that integrates the intellect and the emotions, the product and the process, the ‘what to learn,’ with the ‘how to learn,’ attending to the connections and distinctions of each.

Using the Approach, our teachers set the climate for growth and the unfolding of the mind through the student and teacher relationship, and the individual with the group. They create a challenging environment that respects the delicate balance between instruction and exploration while guiding students to think originally, trust their intuitive responses to the information and materials they are offered, and work to the best of their ability in articulating and sharing their discoveries with others.

The Individual Student and the Group

Deep, meaningful intellectual and social-emotional learning takes place in the context of a relationship, providing the fertile soil for the roots of determination, patience, perseverance, self-control, and tolerance to grow and succeed. Students are asked to make a working relationship with everyone at the school, whether they are friends with them or not, whether they agree or not, leading to a deeper understanding of what true cooperation with others can ultimately achieve. As students become confident expressing themselves in the group, they also learn to appreciate their own and their fellow students’ contributions, and the potential of the group as a whole.

At Studio, learning and classroom experiences are continually shaped by each individual student and the students as a group. We recognize everyone’s distinct educational path and foster the growth of their authentic self, leading to individual integrity. Each child’s personality and style, as well as the formation of their character, become integral parts of the learning process. In addition, each student learns to work within a group to know and understand oneself, and help others do the same. This enhances the learning environment for all.


“As students with voices that were allowed to be heard, what was most meaningful for me was the responsibility we took for our own education. We were encouraged to punctuate our learning with challenges and ambitions that were perpetuated by our own love of exploration and knowledge.”


“The academics are rigorous but the teachers have a deep understanding of child development, so new concepts are introduced in an appropriate way. The best things: the well-roundedness of the education, and teachers who develop relationships with each child and devote themselves to helping them grow. A gem of a school.”


“At Studio the skills our son needs to navigate the world are braided together. They understand how intellect and emotional development are connected, and structure activities that foster how the child is developing. Who wouldn't want self-motivated, focused, emotionally and intellectually evolved and connected children?”