The Studio School

The Studio School Approach

The Studio School Approach™ blends the understanding of child development with a working knowledge of how children learn, a student-teacher relationship that is emotionally connective, and a curriculum that is specifically designed to enhance a child’s innate intelligence and creativity.
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Our Approach is from the inside out, empowering students to integrate who they are with what they learn. The relationships and experiences our students take part in every day at school, impact their lives not only while at Studio, but forever.

The Student and the Teacher

At The Studio School, our teachers carefully combine the art and sciences in our rigorous curriculum, which integrates the intellect and the emotions, fostering a joy of inquiry and imagination, developing a strong work ethic, and inspiring academic excellence. Our teachers set the climate for growth. They create a challenging environment that respects the delicate balance between instruction and exploration while guiding students to think originally, and fulfill their unique and boundless potential.

The Individual Student and the Group

Throughout the day at Studio, students learn to explore who they are, their role as a member of a group, and the power of the group as a whole. Deep, meaningful intellectual and social-emotional learning takes place in the context of a relationship, providing the fertile soil for the roots of determination, patience, self-control, and tolerance to grow and succeed. The Studio School Approach cultivates inquisitive, confident and self-evaluative students, who thrive and meet the challenges of an always evolving interconnected world.


“Every assignment, conversation, group project, and event is carefully crafted to integrate the students’ emotions with their intellect, and each individual with the group. This is what makes The Studio School Approach so unique and impactful.”


“When I’m working in a group, I can contribute a small idea and then we as a group can build on that idea to make something that I by myself couldn’t make alone. When working in a group, I’m able to combine all of the ideas into one great idea.”


“As students with voices that were allowed to be heard, what was most meaningful for me was the responsibility we took for our own education. We were encouraged to punctuate our learning with challenges and ambitions that were perpetuated by our own love of exploration and knowledge.”