The Studio School


With the undeniable impact of technological tools and devices on society in today’s world, learning to use technology is integrated throughout our Middle School curriculum.
Technology Program

The students use computers to support and enhance their work in English, mathematics, science and engineering, research, world languages, and the arts. On Mac computers, they learn basic keyboarding and word processing skills, graphing and data entry, the use of spreadsheets, video design and editing, music composition, graphic design, coding, robotics, and 3-D printing. They become comfortable knowing when and how to incorporate technology within the community and across the global network and evaluate the accuracy of all internet sources when conducting research.

Along with gaining knowledge of and skill in using these learning tools, our students develop an understanding of the responsibility that comes with all forms of online communication, including texting, email, and social media sites. They develop an awareness of the influence of computer technology on themselves and the world and find just the right balance of interpersonal and internet connections that best serve human needs and wants.