The Studio School

2019 Award for Excellence

The Board of Trustees proudly applaud Janet C. Rotter, our visionary and esteemed Head of School, and our entire Studio School community, on receiving The Association for Child Psychoanalysis 2019 Award for Excellence.

Ms. Rotter received the award in early May, from the Association for Child Psychoanalysis in Miami, where she also presented a paper and short film about The Studio School and our Approach.

For 47 years, The Studio School has pioneered emotional-social education, which has taken its place as a significant and essential criterion in the academic success of students and their ability to be original thinkers, as well as their well-being. Child development and trusting relationships have been the core educational foundation of our School, which can be seen and demonstrated through our innovative curriculum and The Studio School Approach. Our educational ideas are now being recognized through research and workshops around the world.

ACP Award for Excellence