The Studio School

Community Events

Our school-wide events have been thoughtfully developed to integrate Studio’s curricula and engage all members of our community.  Students learn how to share their individual perspectives and become contributing members of the larger group, while developing relationships across the ages. Deep scholarship, creativity, connection, and that which transpires between each of us and all of us strengthens our experiences and community.

Explore our Events:

Virginia O’Hanlon Celebration
Multicultural Festival
Studio Players Production
Gingko Gallery
Graduation Ceremony

What We Bring to the Table

“What We Bring to the Table" is a mixed media mural created by our elementary and middle students during our 2021 Multicultural Festival, representing individuals within our community and throughout history, who have transcended boundaries of their time. The objects on the table are symbols of love, knowledge, and perseverance. The table placed on the vivid background suggests hope for brighter and better days ahead.