The Studio School

Vocal and Instrumental Music

Children from the early childhood years through Middle School sing, play musical instruments, learn movement and dance techniques and genres, and develop skills in the theatre arts.

The younger students and their teachers enjoy singing and making music together daily. Songs are varied, engaging, and in world languages, and help the children to appreciate melody, rhythm, patterns, and the meaning of each song. Elementary children join the middle schoolers in Chorus class and learn to develop their talents and blend their voices together for melody and harmony. They are encouraged to perform as an ensemble and as soloists at community events throughout the year, including the Thanksgiving Gathering, the Multicultural Festival, and Graduation.

For young children, instrumental music classes begin with imitating and sustaining various rhythmic patterns, using their heartbeat, body parts, and percussion instruments. This skill is mastered as students work with variously pitched Orff instruments that produce harmonious music when played together. In the elementary years, children learn to play the recorder, and begin piano keyboarding and reading music. By the time they are in Middle School, the children learn to compose music and play the piano and stringed instruments, such as ukuleles and guitars. Classes in music history familiarize the students with the works of great composers and develop their appreciation and preferences for a wide variety of music genres and musicians.