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At The Studio School, learning and relationships go hand in hand and are alive with passion, curiosity, and spirit. Founded in 1971, for children preschool through eighth grade, The Studio School offers an interdisciplinary curriculum where children learn to think critically and creatively. The School is committed to creating a community that celebrates the richness of life and the common bonds of all humanity.


  • The Board of Trustees is proud to announce that The Studio School has been named one of the 50 Best Private Elementary Schools in the U.S. by The Best Schools website.

  • Inspired by Picasso!

    A trip to MoMA to experience the Picasso Sculptures inspired the Tens and Elevens students this past trimester.


    The children were fascinated by the playful way Picasso transformed materials into whimsical sculptures, and they were eager to work in a similar way. Hence their assignment to create a toy assemblage emerged. In the initial exploration, students were given an open-ended task to study a wide range of materials – wood, wire, plastic, metal and fabric – and imagine different possibilities of what these materials could become.  Students engaged their imaginations and exciting ideas were born, then the process of planning and bringing to life their sculptures began. This project required a tremendous amount of flexible thinking, problem solving, and working with precision and perseverance. Upon completion of their toys each student wrote an artist's statement to accompany his or her work. Reflecting on their experience the children wrote about their process: what inspired their ideas and decisions, and how they transformed the materials. Finally, the students held an exhibition to share their wonderful creations with the school community.

Teaching Peace in Elementary School

On Sunday, November 15, a New York Times article in the Sunday Review section by Julie Scelfo, entitled "Teaching Peace in Elementary School," highlighted the vital importance of social and emotional learning in schools. Our Head of School, Janet C. Rotter, gifted educator and expert in this area, had a response, which was, not surprisingly, published in The New York Times on Monday, November 23.