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Lorraine Rotter

The Art, Humor & Culture Fund

With deep sorrow, the entire Studio School community mourned the loss of Mrs. Lorraine Rotter, mother of Janet and Steven Rotter, who died peacefully at home on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 with her family and friends surrounding her, along with Bruno.

Lorraine was a beloved and esteemed member of the Studio School family who, for many years, served actively as teacher, role model, and friend to the many families, faculty, and staff who had the privilege of knowing her. She gladly volunteered at the school out of her love for the children; she was always their staunch supporter - kind, sensible, and down-to-earth. They, as we all did, looked forward to being with her and each felt special in her presence.

Lorraine was a woman of glamour and style with a generous heart, tremendous wit, undeniable charm, deep wisdom, and a strong commitment to live a life of integrity and caring. She was a devoted and loving mother to her two spirited and independent children. Indeed, Ms. Rotter learned much from her and shared with her the life of the school.

In tribute to her, the family is establishing a fund at The Studio School, The Art, Humor & Culture Fund, so that the students and their teachers will continue to have the rich experiences our great city has to offer, and which Lorraine adored. While we mourn the loss of Lorraine Rotter, we are also filled with the wonder, joy, and love that she inspired. She was a true New Yorker who showed her children the entire city with verve and panache.

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