The Studio School

Leading In Times of Need

All things change,
nothing is extinguished.
There is nothing
in the whole world
which is permanent.
Everything flows onward;
all things are brought into being
with a changing nature;
the ages themselves glide by in constant movement
     ~ Ovid

Janet C. Rotter
Janet C. Rotter

“There was never a doubt in our minds that in March, as we quickly changed to remote learning and sheltered in place, the core values of a Studio School education would prove to be vital: the value of meaningful relationships, the important connection of the student and the teacher, the continued emphasis on both the individual and the group, coupled with children of all ages learning from each other, and the participation and partnership of parents and families.

We as a community continue to come together in ways that show an unwavering commitment to what we value and what sustains us always. The Studio School Approach has been an excellent way to navigate the changes put before us. During this seemingly endless time of uncertainty and change, the children continue to respond with such resilience and courage. I am in awe of how well the beginning of this school year is progressing with in-person and hybrid learning.  Life and laughter have filled our building again.”

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Our Task Team carefully considered the health and safety of all members in our community to develop the protocols and procedures in response to COVID-19. This plan continues to evolve in response to new information from medical and environmental experts.