The Studio School

Leading with Clarity and Compassion

While we are living with such uncertainty, it is helpful for us to remember who we are as a creative, strong, and connected school community, and that inside of us is enormous resilience and adaptability.

We have all endured, in these last several months, the stress the pandemic has caused for our community and world. Together, we continue to face various circumstances, at home and at work, with our health and safety, with adjusting to simple everyday living, and most of all in our relationships, especially with our children.  At Studio, we seamlessly transitioned into distance learning, creating a program that addresses the needs of our children, parents, and teachers. We can already see that The Studio School Approach and our How-To-Learn Curriculum, like in the physical classroom and school, have prepared the children for what lies ahead.

Commitment to Anti-Racism
Now more than ever, it is time to address the ongoing epidemic that has plagued our country even before its inception: racism. At The Studio School our philosophy is an education from the inside out, which means acknowledging and recognizing our privilege and contribution to systemic racism and injustice. We are committed to actively engage our staff in developing their awareness and understanding of racial biases in America that invariably present themselves in the classroom. We fully support our Black staff, students, families, and all members of our community. We are dedicated to listening, learning and reviewing our curriculum with a new lens to address, educate and create a space where everyone feels safe to speak and hear one another. At Studio, Black voices will be heard and valued, uplifted and supported. Now more than ever, our mission rings true: we rededicate ourselves to leading a community that restores human dignity for each individual, and collectively, for us as a society.

Letters from the Head of School

I am uplifted, more than ever, to experience the response of each and every member of our community. Thank you for helping to reaffirm who we are during these challenging times.

Bruno Barks: