The Studio School

The Studio School Reopening Plan

Our Task Team carefully considered the health and safety of all members in our community to develop the protocols and procedures in response to COVID-19. This plan will continue to evolve in response to new information from medical and environmental experts. Please be assured that if circumstances so dictate, we will modify it as necessary to meet the health and safety needs of our community.


Comprehensive Health and Safety Guidelines

To ensure the health and safety of the staff, students, and families at The Studio School, and in accordance with Department of Health Guidelines, our school building has undergone several modifications to accommodate increased spacing, air flow, and frequent hand-washing. This includes expanding our Two’s and Three’s classroom, installing additional hand-washing stations throughout the building, upgrading HVAC filtration, and adding a retractable awning in our yard for additional learning spaces for all seasons.

We have developed many protocols and procedures to be followed by anyone entering the school building. Before entering, all staff, students, and visitors will complete a health check, taking their temperature and responding to a questionnaire. To accommodate all students and maintain social distancing, arrival and dismissal times are staggered. People within the building will practice social distancing and wear a mask, with appointed times and places for students to safely have a break from wearing them.

Core Learning Plan

Whether learning in-person, or through a distance or hybrid program, we have created plans that address the needs of our children, parents, and teachers. The Studio School Approach and our How-To-Learn Curriculum, like in the physical classroom and school, have prepared the children for whatever lies ahead.

We have created a plan that addresses the specific learning and developmental needs of each group across our programs. Our Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School programs will be conducted in-person, 5 days a week, with classes or cohorts of 10 students or less..

We understand that for some, in-person learning would not be the safest option. To accommodate those students and educators that are learning and teaching remotely, all classrooms have been equipped with teleconferencing technology. This way all participants can be a part of the group, and the group be with them, regardless of time and place.

Community Well-Being

At The Studio School, we believe learning is from the inside out. We are committed to ensuring the well-being of each member of our community.

We are acutely aware of how the pandemic has affected all aspects of family and school life. Our highly trained teachers and staff have been working with families to continually address the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs and development in purposeful and ongoing ways.

Our Head of School will conduct remote, bimonthly, Parent Development meetings to support parents as they care for their children.  

Communication is essential for the well-being of our community. As a school, we are committed to keeping the members of our community up to date on all necessary information. Written communications will be emailed via MailChimp to our parents and staff on a weekly basis, ensuring that we are all informed of any updates, in addition to emails, texts, and phone calls, when needed.

All community events, a core part of The Studio School, will be held remotely this year.