The Studio School

ABC’s of Studio

Follow along as we add to our Studio alphabet each day!

ABCs of Studio

The Studio ABCs lay a foundation for life-long learning, capturing the essence of who we are and what we value in our community. Click on a letter and watch it come alive!

B is for the Beauty of Beginning. Where will our imaginations take us? How will our thoughts, feelings, and ideas take shape?

C is for our school where we Cultivate Character in Children who are Caring, Confident, and the seeds of Change.

D is for Deepen the Dialogue because when we talk with one another, we come to new understandings about each other and the world we inhabit.

E is for Embracing. Engaging. Energizing. Exciting. Enduring. Extraordinary. A Studio School Education.

F is for the FUN we find with friends of yesterday and today!

G is for the Gift that you are, yet to be discovered.

H is for Humanity. We join together with our hands, hearts, and heads across the ages throughout every day.

I is for Inquiry, Imagination and Inspiration.

J is for the Journeys that take us far and wide.

K is for Knowledge and the thinkers who paved the way, inspiring us to inquire, explore, and discover.

L is for Learning... Listening, living, and leading with love.

M is for MUSIC. “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” -Plato

N is for Nourish, Nurture, and Nature, growing smiles and love all around.

Follow along as we complete our alphabet in the weeks to come...